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Improve Skin with Microneedling

Your skin complexion can vary over time. We discuss the causes and the treatments using Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling to improve complexion and reduce lines and wrinkles in Setsuko’s Microneedling Blog.

Treating open pores?

Smoother Skin?

Does microneedling with RF really work?

Does microneedling with RF really work?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | April 13, 2024

What is the difference between Microneedling and RF Microneedling? I had a good question from one of my clients today. What is the difference between Microneedling and RF Microneedling?  The…

Effect of Menopause on the skin

Effect of Menopause on the skin

By Setsuko Takeuchi | July 16, 2023

How can I improve my skin during menopause? Menopause is a natural part of women’s lives, most often happening between the ages of 45 and 55. Hormonal changes during perimenopause…

Is Microneedling Worth it?

 Is Microneedling Worth it?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | June 3, 2023

Is Microneedling Worth it? Microneedling is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that improves skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars from acne and stretch marks. The National Hair & Beauty Federation…

RF Microneedling or Morpheus8

Morpheus8 vs RF Microneedling

By Setsuko Takeuchi | May 6, 2023

What are RF Microneedling and Morpheus8?   There are so many aesthetic treatments available that it can be confusing which treatment to choose. Selecting the right treatment for you is…

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

By Setsuko Takeuchi | March 14, 2023

Many people want to look and feel fabulous about themself.  As an aesthetic practitioner, I provide treatments such as laser hair removal, non-surgical HIFU and  RF Microneedling to help people…

Stretch Marks Removal

How to Remove Stretch Marks?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | February 12, 2022

Why do we get stretch marks? Do you want your Stretch Marks removed? Unfortunately, that can’t be done without surgery. However, they can become a lot less visible. Skin is…

Before and after RF Microneedling for Acne Scars using the FOCUS Dual

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | February 5, 2022

Getting Rid of Acne Scars Acne scars, especially on your face, can be very upsetting. They are difficult to cover with make-up, and most of all, after you cover up…

RF Microneedling question

What Does Microneedling Do?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | January 28, 2022

Microneedling Results For any skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne scars or open pores, we always want a quick, instant fix, and we want it to last as long as…

RF Microneedling question

Is Microneedling Painful?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | January 14, 2022

RF Microneedling Is it painful? Is Microneedling Painful? My clients often ask me this question. You will feel a prickling sensation from the microneedles and a warmness if RF energy…

Demaroller vs RF Microneedling

Derma roller vs RF Microneedling

By Setsuko Takeuchi | December 18, 2021

Derma roller vs RF Microneedling Device You may be confused about different Microneedling treatments. You may have questions such as: What is a Derma Roller”, “What is RF Microneedling“, “What…

Focus Dual

Focus Dual – HIFU & RF Microneedling

By Setsuko Takeuchi | December 12, 2021

Focus Dual Yay! My “Lynton Laser Focus Dual” has finally arrived. You have probably already noticed how much I fell in love with this device and the treatments it can…

Focus Dual

Why did I buy Focus Dual?

By Setsuko Takeuchi | November 24, 2021

Focus Dual HIFU and RF Microneedling Alter researching the best anti-ageing treatment for months; I concluded that this is currently the best machine on the market for what I wanted…

Lynton Lasers Team and Setsuko buying the FOCUS Dual

Buying the Focus Dual

By Setsuko Takeuchi | November 7, 2021

Focus Dual at London ExCel I am so excited to tell you about my visit to London ExCel and the exciting new treatments at Setsuko Beauty Clinic. I have been…