Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Laser Hair Removal Questions Answered

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This is a common concern. Traditional laser hair removal methods might feel like a snap of an elastic band, but it is tolerable. We use a Cryo machine to cool your skin during the treatment to make the treatment more comfortable. Our Motus AY has both traditional standard and virtually pain-free modes. We choose a suitable laser and modes to suit your hair and skin type.

You will achieve the best results with fair skin and dark hair. Dark hair is more easily treated as it has a higher concentration of melanin. People with lighter hair or dark skin tones will need more sessions than people with fair skin & dark hair. Grey/white hair has no melanin, so it is unsuitable for treatment.

Melanin in the hair absorbs the laser light and turns it into heat. This heat damages the active growth stage of hair follicles (Anagen), inhibiting hair regrowth.

The best Laser for hair removal will depend on your Hair and Skin tones. Traditionally Alexandrite lasers are considered the gold standard as they have the best energy absorption by melanin. Nd:YAG and Diode lasers are best for darker skin tones. 

The number of treatments needed varies, depending on your hair colour, skin colour, hormones, lifestyle etc. You will need a minimum of 6-9 sessions on the body and 12 or more on the face & neck areas for optimum results. Occasional maintenance treatments may be required after a course of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal treatments damage hair follicles in such a way as to inhibit hair regrowth. This helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrowing hair.

When looking for the best Laser Hair Removal, it is best to consider the following:  

Laser Quality

For example, we use the MOTUS AY, supplied by Lynton Lasers, a powerful machine that uses Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers to target your hair and skin colour. The Motus AY is used in the NHS and highly rated aesthetic clinics.


For example, we also use a Cryo Cooler machine, which calms your skin for a more comfortable experience. Our MOTUS AY has a standard mode as well as "Moveo technology" to reduce discomfort, known as the "Pain-Free Laser".

Training And Experience

Look for an experienced practitioner who has obtained Level 4 in Laser Hair Removal or an equivalent.

Laser Maintenance

For Example, Lynton Lasers conducts a regular maintenance programme of our MOTUS AY by a skilled Laser engineer.


Look for a safe, comfortable environment, possibly with air conditioning and an air filtration system.

Laser Hair Removal is safe when the clinic uses a good quality laser machine serviced regularly and an experienced and qualified practitioner performs the treatment.

Our prices for Laser Hair Removal vary depending on the body area and payment options. Here is our prices page.