FAQ - LASER Hair Removal

Wondering how painful their treatment will be is a common concern. More traditional laser hair removal methods might feel like a snap of an elastic band, but the Motus AY has a virtually pain-free mode as well as a traditional standard mode.

Most people are suitable for treatment. Best results are often achieved with people who have fair skin and dark hair. Dark hair is more easily treated as it has a higher concentration of melanin. Fair hair, however, contains less melanin and is harder to treat. Grey/white hair has no melanin so is not suitable for treatment.

Melanin in the hair absorbs the laser light and turns to heat. The heat then damages the active growth stage of the hair follicle in such a way as to inhibit hair regrowth.

  • Motus AY uses the only technology in the world that allows 755nm Alexandrite laser to be safely applied to all skin types. Darker skin tones have traditionally been restricted to less effective wavelengths such as Nd:YAG laser. However, it now can be treated with Alexandrite – the gold standard laser for hair removal.
  • Motus AY enables faster treatment time.
  • The Motus AY is safe for all skin types. 
  • Motus AY has both Virtual Pain-Free and Standard modes to make treatment more comfortable. 

The required number of treatments varies depending on your hair colour, skin colour, hormones, lifestyle etc., but a minimum of 6 or more on body and 12 or more on the face & neck areas are needed for optimum results. Occasional maintenance treatments may be required after the course of treatments.

Yes. Laser hair removal can help to reduce ingrown hair as laser light damages hair follicles in such a way as to inhibit hair regrowth.

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