SPF moisturiser vs Sunscreen, are they the same?

SPF Moisturiser vs Sunscreen

It’s a good question! Many people believe that their skin is protected from UV exposure because the daily moisturiser they use contains SPF. Is this true?

So  SPF Moisturiser or Sunscreen, SPF moisturiser is better than no protection but won’t provide the same level of sun protection as sunscreen. You will still need to apply sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from skin cancer, wrinkles, pigmentation, and UV skin ageing. High SPF sunscreen is a must-have to get the best results from laser hair removal.

Types of UV rays

There are 2 types of UV lays we need to be aware of. UVA & UVB. UVA causes long-term skin ageing, and UVB causes suntan /sunburn. SPF moisturiser provides some sun protection, but SPF moisturiser doesn’t always contain protection against UVA rays.

We get wrinkles, lines, saggy skin, and pigmentations as we age. OVER THE DECADES, the UVA skin damage we get accumulates and gradually becomes visible.

Why is SPF moisturiser not enough?

To get the same SPF rating as on the label, you need to apply at least half a teaspoon to the face, which not many people do with SPF moisturiser. On top of that, SPF moisturisers are more likely to rub off. SPF moisturisers are ideal if you stay at home or during the winter season when the UV rays aren’t as strong, but UVA rays will still penetrate through clouds and windows. It is essential to wear SPF every day.

Am I safe if I wear sunscreen?

As well as using sunscreen, I am constantly nagging my clients to wear a hat and sunglasses to cover their skin. Also, don’t use sunbeds! You are likely to regret it when you start seeing the ageing effect on your skin.

It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. To be honest, this is not practical if we wear make-up. That’s why wearing sunscreen with HIGH SPF becomes important.

SPF Moisturiser vs Sunscreen
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