How Many Sessions for Laser Hair Removal?

How long will it take to get effective results?

When researching how many sessions for Laser Hair Removal are needed on google, several answers come up. It is very confusing. I want to talk about my own experience as an aesthetic practitioner.

Do I need a course of treatment?

Yes, definitely. We have 3 stages of hair growth, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Laser Hair Removal targets hair that is in the Anagen stage, when the hair is attached to the follicle. Laser light is absorbed by melanin(pigment) in the hair creating heat which damages the hair follicle, inhibiting hair regrowth. As only some of the hair is in the Anagen stage multiple treatments will be needed.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on your hair colour, skin colour, hormone balance, medication you are taking, and your lifestyle. There is no exact number because everybody reacts differently to laser treatment. Laser hair removal works best for people with light skin tones and dark coarse hair. Saying that, no matter how perfect your skin tone and hair colour are for laser treatment, you will still need a minimum of 6 sessions for body hair, and 12 sessions for the facial /neck area. Occasional maintenance sessions may also be required in the future.

Why does facial hair need more sessions?

One of the biggest causes of hair growth is Hormones. Laser Hair Removal treats the symptoms of your hair growth but not your hormone balance. Facial hair is often caused by hormone imbalances such as PCOS, and will need more treatments than other parts of the body. Further maintenance sessions will also be needed later on.

Do I need more sessions if I have lighter Mousey Brown hair?

Probably. I have so many clients who describe their hair colour as “Mousey Brown”, and the colour seems to vary from person to person! People with light hair colour have less melanin (pigment) in their hair, so they will generally need more sessions than people with black hair and fair skin. It is important to know that Laser hair removal doesn’t work on white, grey, red or blonde hair as there is little or no melanin in these hair colours.
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Setsuko Beauty Salon smooth legs from Laser Hair Removal


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Setsuko Beauty Salon smooth legs from Laser Hair Removal


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