IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal
IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL vs laser hair removal? When researching long-term hair reduction treatments, many people need clarification about IPL and Laser. Sometimes the term “IPL Laser “ is used, but this is incorrect because IPL and laser are different types of light. What is the difference between IPL and Laser? Which is better for you?

What is Laser light?

There are three main points about lasers:

  1. Monochromatic

Laser light has the same colour & wavelength.

  1. Directional

The light produced is all going in the same direction.

  1. Coherent

The light is the same frequency and is in phase.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”. IPL light is:

  1. Multi-wavelength

The light produced has many different colours, and only a certain percentage is effective at hair removal.

  1. Omnidirectional

Light is produced in many directions; some focus and intensity are lost.

  1. Incoherent

The light is composed of different out-of-phase wavelengths. It is leading to less efficient energy absorption.

Which is better for you? Laser or IPL?

For hair removal treatment, Laser is generally more powerful and targeted than IPL, leading to better results. However, It is also essential to consider the make of the machine, how well they are maintained, and how much training and experience the practitioners have; all these factors affect the results.

A powerful and well-made IPL can be more effective than a low-quality laser.

From my personal experience, When considering which machine to buy for my salon, I ran an experiment between high-quality IPL and Laser machines, the EXCELIGHT IPL and the MOTUS AY Laser,  focusing on my husband’s chest hair!

I used IPL on one side and Laser on the other. After six weeks, there was less regrowth on the Laser side and more hair growth on the IPL side. I found these results fascinating (my husband didn’t).

IPL is excellent for treating superficial vascular issues such as rosacea, spider veins, etc. Depending on what treatment you want and your skin tone, the light technology that is best for you would be different.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal? I hope I have answered your question.

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