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Beautiful rural countryside is not the only thing Somerset can offer. At Setsuko Beauty Clinic, we provide the latest technologies and treatments for you to try.

Laser Hair Removal machines are not all the same

There are many salons that provide Laser Hair Removal in Somerset. It is important to check if they use IPL or a Laser machine, as they use different technology. Laser Hair Removal uses a specific wavelength of light, while an IPL Hair Removal is more superficial like a camera flash. Some IPL machines from well-established manufacturers can be quite good for hair removal but an IPL is considerably cheaper to purchase than a good quality Laser machine. 

The quality of the device, LASER or IPL, can vary hugely. A device from an unknown manufacturer may be much cheaper to purchase than a device from a well-known quality brand. "Is a cheap machine as good as an expensive machine?" We can't judge every machine, but generally, the answer is "No". The power of the devices, their maintenance & service, the consistency of treatment results, and the manufacturer's training are the main differences between cheap and expensive machines. After all, you get what you pay for. Laser Hair Removal treatment is an investment for your future. Choose wisely.

Why Choose Setsuko Beauty for Laser Hair Removal in Somerset?

Laser Quality

At Setsuko Beauty, we use Lynton Lasers, a British manufacturer founded by the University of Manchester. We use the MOTUS AY, a powerful machine that uses Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers to target your hair and skin colour.


The MOTUS AY uses "Moveo technology" to reduce discomfort, known as the "Pain-Free Laser". We also use a Cryo Cooler machine, which calms your skin for a more comfortable experience.

Training and Experience

All treatments are carried out by Setsuko, who has obtained the Level 4 CIBTAC in Laser Hair Removal, the highest qualification currently available. She has years of experience with hair removal treatments using Lasers, IPL and Waxing.

Laser Maintenance

Setsuko Beauty is a member of the Lynton Lasers maintenance programme, and the laser machine undergoes regular maintenance service by skilled Lynton Lasers engineers.


Setsuko Beauty Clinic is a safe comfortable environment. Masks are available to customers on request. The treatment room has air conditioning and an air filtration system.

Read what Lynton Lasers says about Setsuko Beauty Clinic's laser hair removal in Somerset. 

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